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Heliosphere is a biopunk adventure featuring a young inventor named Maya. After being trapped in the future she has to navigate a dystopian world full of cyborgs and mutants. She allies herself with a wild android but the whole world seems unhinged. 

In the world of Heliosphere a class of people called the Reprogens has a monopoly on high-speed brainpower. The rest of humanity fights helplessly to survive in the destroyed remains of what was once human civilization. The Reprogens set the laws that everyone else lives by and enforce them with snake-like drones called slithers.

Heliosphere is about the intersection of human nature and technology. Watch helplessly as humanity transforms into a completely new species with surprisingly little self awareness.

About Heliosphere

About the author

Ben Jelter is a comic artist, author, game designer, and art instructor living in San Francisco. His previous comics include The Tumor and Moscow 38. Heliosphere is his first webcomic. Ben has also worked on numerous other projects including co-creating the iOS game Sidius Nova, doing the artwork for Eli Piilonen's puzzle platformer Fixation, and collaborating on Apple's App review guidelines: The Comic Book. When he isn't working on projects he teaches classes in figure drawing, character design, comics, and Photoshop at the Academy of Art.

Ben is a big fan of 90's animation like Aeon Flux and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He's also very interested in science, science fiction, mutants, and space travel. He wishes that movies had cooler aliens...multiple times a day.